Your Security is our Business


We supports organizations with high quality services to efficiently identify, mitigate and prevent IT security risks.We has consciously chosen for specialization in technical IT security. Technical IT security is a particularly complex and fast changing field of expertise, especially nowadays when technology continues to play a bigger role in our society. To keep up with these constant changes specialization, never ending research and development are necessary. We as a company, would like to share our knowledge with our society by providing presentations, education and articles. We do this because We finds it important that the society becomes aware of the risks that are involved when it comes to technical IT security.We is well aware of the fact that most security risks are a result of human acts and mostly come forth from the own organization. Therefore IT security is only as strong as its weakest link. We works closely together with specialized partners such as subsidiary ITSX to provide you with the most optimal and customized IT security solution. We works for companies for which IT security is a major concern and who only want top specialists to assist them.